“Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment”

Book Review : Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment by James Patterson

Spoiler Alert!

Maximum Ride is only 98 percent human, the other two percent is bird. The result is that she has wings and hollow bones, and she’s not the only one. The rest of her “flock” are also only part human.

When Angel is kidnapped by half-wolf and half-humans the whole flock is stricken. Maximum, being the oldest and the leader, decides to go on a rescue mission. Leaving Iggy, because he’s blind, and the Gasman, because he’s so young, she sets off on a dangerous mission. Maximum is also determined to find out who her and her flock’s parents are. All the while, Max is trying to keep Fang, Iggy, Nudge and the Gasman safe from the half-wolf/half-humans.

Max knows that Angel must be at the dreaded School, the place where they were mutated and had escaped. Leaving Fang and Nudge, Max heads down to the ground because she wants to help a little girl, who is being bullied. To her surprise the bullies have a shotgun, but she still takes action and leaves them beaten up. Fleeing from the bullies, since the little girl has run away, Max takes to the forest. The bullies shoot her in the shoulder. The bullet grazed the muscle tissue and her wing. Seeking help for her wound she finds Ella, the little girl she rescued. Ella and her mother fix up Max, but discover her wings in the process. Ella’s mom takes an X-ray of Max, and finds a tiny tracking device in her arm. Once again Max sets off continuing her journey. Meanwhile, at their old home, the half-wolfs/half-humans, commonly known as Erasers, are working hard to capture or kill Iggy and the Gasman. After some fighting, Iggy and the Gasman are forced to leave their home and go find Fang, Nudge and Max on the mission to rescue Angel. Max eventually rejoins the rest of her flock and they all attempt to free Angel. After many disasters they rescue Angel from the School. Max has a voice in her head that leads them to a secret facility. The facility is full of mutants and they find new information to help them in locating their birth parents.

Teen Point of View

I thought this book was very funny and enjoyable. I suggest it for teens who are looking for a little action and something that will make you laugh. I found it enjoyable and suggest it to an audience in the low teenage range. There was no direct swearing but many references.

2.5 out of 5 stars

– the Daughter

Adult Point of View

I read the first 16 pages and I couldn’t take reading it. Maximum Ride appeared to be in a very sensational writing style and didn’t catch my interest. There appeared to be some language. My daughter laughed when I told her I just couldn’t read it and told me she didn’t think I would like this book. I don’t think it is fair to give it stars based on such a small reading sample, however, I am guessing it would have landed at a 2 on the high end.

About Tales Untangled

I am a mother of four children and have a passion for reading. I love sharing my treasury of books with my kids. I also do experiments in cooking which includes such things as Indian Tandoori Chicken slow-cooked in a tagine. I write stories and illustrate in ink.
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