“Twilight” – Stephanie Meyer Began a New Trend in Young Adult Romance Novels

Book Review : Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Spoiler Alert, however, I will state there shouldn’t be anything in here that you don’t already know.

Bella’s parents are divorced and she has lived with her mom for years. When Bella’s mom remarries, the teenager feels uncomfortable, as if she is a fifth wheel, and decides to go live in rainy Forks, Oregon with her Dad. Creating quite a sensation, because she is the new student in a small town she finds friends and a place for herself. Bella’s world shifts as she discovers her attraction to Edward Cullen. Soon Bella and Edward walk the dangerous path of forbidden love.

Adult Point of View

I originally read Twilight prior to it becoming the new sensation, when it was given to me by my mother. My initial reaction was that is was a fun, fluffy read. I was quite shocked that I could ever consider something with vampires as fluffy. It seemed that women of all ages, from 12 – 70, were enjoying the novel. Though many will complain about the lack of writing style and other lofty ideals, the breadth of the readership speaks volumes that Meyers has hit a nerve with many women. The first in the series has been my favorite because everything seemed fresh and new. I could see where the final installment in the series was going and found it rather distasteful.

Shockingly, my husband decided to read this book, keeping an open mind, because it was so popular. He said he could understand, to a point, why women liked it. However, when he tried to read the second book, Half Moon, his statement was, “Please, just shoot me! I can’t take it anymore.” I never force a man to read my books because he might in turn want me to read his books.

My new perspective is a bit different than my original point of view. My point of view changed when I found a second grader reading Twilight because her “mommy loved it sooo much!” Another alarm went off when I saw how teens were obsessing over Edward and even Jacob. They see these men as perfect, dangerous and devoted. These are characters in a book and not a picture of real men! What young teenage boy or adult man could ever live up to this fantasy? I have said I would rather my daughter was in love with Mr. Darcy because he is a man (not a supernatural creature) and he has flaws (like all of us real humans). I also feel that the suppressed nature of human sexuality in this series is as addicting to a young teenage girl, and apparently many married women, as a drug. These girls seem to crave this unnatural relationship rather than see the novel as a fun escape for a couple of hours. I find it strange when married women are obsessive about being in love with Edward, what about their real husband?

Finally, Twilight is a benchmark in young adult literature that marks the beginning of a new trend of romance, whether you loved or abhorred the book. I am now thoroughly worn out from reading other series that have copied Meyer’s relationship between Bella and Edward, and have to dock them points in creativity.  Sometimes these other knock-off Bella books should be ripped apart for plagiarism because they are so blatant in wanting the money of a best seller without actually writing anything original. The relationship in such books has created an insipid voice in my head reading the dialogue that simplifies it to “I love you, (fill in blank with character’s name, it can rhyme with the original character if you wish), I can’t be with you, I am not good enough and you are too perfect. I must wallow in my own ugliness while you find someone as beautiful as you.”

My recommendation is if you choose to read the Twilight series enjoy it for what it is, a silly novel, and never give up a good man for the fantasy of a vampire.

Please do not give this book to your child until she/he is a teenager!

Because of the impact on the world of YA literature and her new ideas about vampires

3.25 out of 5 stars

– the Mother

Teen Point of View

I loved this book. I thought it was cute, but I still think the world has overacted with the whole “I love Edward” thing (even though I am team Edward). I thought this book was pretty funny at times, and over all I really enjoyed it. I suggest it mostly to teenage girls even though some of my guy friends loved it too.

4 out of 5 stars

– the Daughter


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