“Dragon Slippers” – How Important Things Like Embroidery and Blue Slippers Could Change a Kingdom


Book Review : Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George

Spoiler Alert!

Creel has been sent to a dragon’s lair by her greedy aunt in the hope that a knight will rescue the maiden and set up the rest of the family in riches. The aunt’s plan goes askew because Creel has no intention of playing the part of a helpless maiden. As Creel bargains with the dragon, Theoradus, she is enchanted with his shoe collection. Creel walks away from the lair with a bit of thread and a pair of unusual blue slippers to take with her to the city. She befriends another dragon, Shardas, who collects beautiful stained glass which she uses as inspiration for her embroidery creating quite a sensation among the nobles. With the kingdom on the precipice of being torn apart by war Creel doesn’t realize she holds the key to save or destroy everyone around her. For some unknown reason Creel’s feet itch terribly.

Adult Point of View

I found Creel to be charming and loved how her natural abilities helped her solve her own problems and eventually became admired by many others. What girl doesn’t love beautiful hand-made costuming? Creel is not perfect and her flaws add to my enjoyment of her as if she was a real girl.

This is a great series for pre-teen girls, though it is so fun even young adults can enjoy the story. Creel shows great common sense and courage, something we all could use in our lives. Many of the other characters are also charming. I also loved the creative hording of each dragon. What kind of a dragon would horde dogs? This novel reminds me a bit of some of Patricia C. Wrede’s writing.

5 out of 5 stars

5 star

  • the Mother

I recently looked at this book again. It’s one that comes back to me again and again. I love Dragon Slippers! Too many books ideas can get lost in time. This one remains vivid and current in my mind even after having read it years ago. I have no idea what I was thinking when I gave it less stars than 5.

Because of these factors I have increased my star power rating to 5 stars! When I originally wrote this review 5 years ago I wasn’t very familiar with middle grade books. This is such a great bit to understand when looking for books for 8-12 years old. They often deal with tough subjects, but with a feather-light touch. Dragon Slippers is a great example of a middle grade fantasy novel.

Teen Point of View

I enjoyed this book. I thought it was cute, and loved the strong willed character, Creel. I kind of winced when I saw her name, it seems like a very bad name for a character. Despite that, I enjoyed the book a lot and suggest it for grade school children.

3 out of 5

– the Daughter

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