“The Casual Vacancy” – The Biggest Disappointment in Literature! A Book to Skip!

Book Review : The Casual Vacancy by J.K.  Rowling

WARNING!!! This book is full of cursing and rather explicit sexually and drugs. DO NOT think you are in for something delightful like Harry Potter. And under no circumstances should you give this one to your children to read.

I closed the book after reading page 27. I was sick after reading this. Some people feel that books like this express sexual freedom. When we objectify human beings it is actually imprisoning. I felt like I was reading something pornographic and have many other books to read that are uplifting and valuable.
I am so disappointed in J.K. Rowling, I expected so much more from the author who had enchanted the world. I could not read this book. I cannot recommend this book. I was completely offended.

I have not enjoyed books like Looking for Alaska and Heart of Darkness because of the strong themes, but I can understand the point and appeal for some audiences. I absolutely loathed every word written in The Casual Vacancy, and I did not find any redeeming qualities. I want to have books that are thought provoking, delightful, uplifting, intriguing and not full of smut.

My advice would be to find something worth reading.

– Michelle
Is it possible to give a book negative stars? If so this one deserves -5!


About Tales Untangled

I am a mother of four children and have a passion for reading. I love sharing my treasury of books with my kids. I also do experiments in cooking which includes such things as Indian Tandoori Chicken slow cooked in a tagine. Weekly I get together with friends and go to yoga for a bit of mommy time. Some may find me quirky, I prefer to think I am one of a kind.
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4 Responses to “The Casual Vacancy” – The Biggest Disappointment in Literature! A Book to Skip!

  1. Caity says:

    I could not agree with your review more (and I’ve written a similar book review myself)! I was just really shocked and disillusioned that this kind of thing came out of JK Rowling’s head… total loss of respect for her! 😦

    • It is so good to see that there are other people who were horrified by this novel. I now believe that J.K. Rowling must have no sense of morals.

      • I think you confuse JKR with her characters… Are people who describe situations honestly immoral? Are therapists and counselors immoral for bearing witness to human fallibility? I actually finished the book, despite my qualms in the beginning, and I thought it was wonderful and honest and humane. Yes, it is largely full of people who are despicable; much like real life.

        Though, I guess if you read to escape or vacation from real life–which I totally do sometimes–this would not be your cup of tea; however if you are reading to explore life–which I also do at times–then this is perfect. I thought it was very much a novel about the human condition. My boyfriend, whom I read it aloud to, said, “I think the title refers to the characters and to people in general: everyone’s missing something, nobody’s perfect.”

      • I can appreciate your point of view. Even though I do read books with different purposes I could not slog through JKR’s newest book to find any redeeming qualities. Thank you for your comment.

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