Viable – A Medical Thriller

Book Review : Viable
By R.A. Hakok


Spoiler Alert!



A brilliant young geneticist, desperately seeking a cure for the disease that took her father. A Nevada sheriff, charged with solving a crime that threatens the very existence of his small desert town. But when an unmarked van crashes in sleepy Hawthorne, Alison Stone and Lars Henrikssen find themselves looking for the same man. Only Carl Gant is not what he seems. And they are not the only ones looking for him. (Courtesy of

Adult Point of View

I started Viable on four different occasions before I could move through the plot setting chapters to be vested enough to read the book.

The first and second starts got me through the first chapter with an ex-military man who sees someone who he thought was dead. This chapter is peppered with military language, ie cursing. I feel like most cursing in books detracts from the story.

The third start got me through a chapter with Dr. Stone, a researcher in genetics. She had a passion for wanting to help others in solving diseases. I was more interested in Dr. Stone, her background made her motivations believable.

Fourth time was the charm, with the introduction of Cody. I instantly guessed who he was, but I still enjoyed his character. I did not guess what his link to genetics was immediately.

Yesterday I watched The Amazing Spider-Man, and realized Viable has the same nugget of an idea of combining animal DNA with human. In Spider-Man, the DNA goes terribly wrong creating a monster. In Viable, there is only one known case where combining DNA was successful and one other survivor, who is basically a monster. However, he is a monster because he has no conscious about taking human life for his own survival. The two stories depart wildly from each other, it just seemed like quite a coincidence that I ran into such similarities at the same time, so I thought I would mention the similarities.

At times the the writing delves into monologues of medical jargon, which was overwhelming. There are a few other mistakes of names and confusing sentences, but overall Viable was pretty good. It never moved into a romance, which is actually refreshing. If you like a medical or science fiction thriller I think you would enjoy this one.

3 out of 5 stars





I suggest The Phoenix Consipiracy by Richard L. Sanders, a science fiction novel, if you like this kind of genre.

A classic science fiction that I recommend is The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov.

I also recommend Sword of the Lamb: Book One of the Phoenix Legacy by M. K. Wren.

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