Perfect Catch – Clean Romances Can Be Super Fun

Book Review : Perfect Catch
A Sundaes for Breakfast Romance

By Chelsea Hale

Spoiler Alert!



She was the perfect catch. But one wrong move, and Kyle Montgomery was given the silent treatment for years. When the grown-up version of her crush appears in her life again, will Kandice Naylor give him a chance to prove he’s worth taking a risk for?(Courtesy of

Adult Point of View

I’ve previously mentioned that I’ve had dismal luck finding romance novels that I enjoy. After meeting the author at a conference and her promise that her books are filled with “sparkles and butterflies” I decided I had to give the prequel, PERFECT CATCH a try.

I had a flight and thought it was a good moment to read without being interrupted by my kids. Hale didn’t disappoint, her characters were charming and realistic. The romance is squeaky clean. I still felt like I was seeing two real people working through their misconceptions. All relationships have to work through those.

I liked how Kandice held onto her grudge, and was reluctant to let it go. It seemed really realistic that she would have been hurt by Kyle’s actions in high school. Like many of us, she remembered every detail from a bad situation. Kandice also had a natural streak of kindness that helped her transcend her reluctance.

Football players are a bit of a conundrum to me. My brother played football, but I haven’t known many athletes personally. It seems like it would be easy to fall into the stereotypical football jock. I liked Kyle because he was driven to succeed in his sport while emulating other values. His drive didn’t prevent him from being likeable and approachable with his family and friends. I always have soft spot in my heart for book lovers, and both Kandice and Kyle love books – which is how they connect and reconnect.

If you are in the mood for a summer romance, this is the right author to check out!

4 out of 5 stars

4 star

  • the Mother

If you want another romance try The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery, it’s an older book and lots of fun.


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