Carrick House – A Novelette in Shelley Adina’s Steampunk World

Carrick House

Magnificent Devices

By Shelley Adina

Spoiler Alert!




Who said life is but a dream after the wedding?

Married eight months, Lady Claire Trevelyan and Dr. Andrew Malvern are blissfully working together on a new invention, and providing a home for a collection of street sparrows. Then Claire’s mother, the redoubtable Lady Jermyn, arrives with her family in tow and expects to stay indefinitely … Peony Churchill turns up on the doorstep with valise in hand … and raffish cousin Claude comes for a visit …

While separately any of these would be most welcome, together they are overwhelming. Claire and Andrew flee to Athena for a bit of breathing room. But the last thing they expect is to have their airship hijacked … with Claire’s little brother Nicholas still aboard …

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Adult Point of View

Wow! What a twist on characters. If for no other reason, read Carrick House to get the inside scoop on characters – and their true colors.

Is Claire as charming as you always thought? Is Claire’s mother actually a scheming money-grabbing socialite? Is Andrew devoted to his wife or science? Has Peony and her mother been honest with their charitable actions? Has Claude just been misunderstood? Answers to these trumped up questions, and more await inside Carrick House.

I’m just playing around with the questions, and one shouldn’t take them seriously – but there really are character developments which I thought changed the entire series. I don’t want to be the one to spoil your fun, and this is why you’re getting such a short review. I will add, there are chickens in this novel too, as another bonus. And there might be some gamboling. And even life changing news! Is that enough hints?

I’ve loved the steampunk work that Adina has created and pretty much love playing around in her world. I think her writing should captivate readers of historical romance, steampunk and regency novels. If you haven’t given it a try start with The Lady of Devices and then you can have as much fun as I’ve had in this one, number fourteen.

4 out of 5 stars

4 star

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