Myths and Mortals – What Are the Beasts?

Myths and Mortal
Numina Series

By Charlie Holmberg

Spoiler Alert!



Wall Street Journal bestselling author Charlie N. Holmberg builds her bewitching world of beasts and betrayal as the Numina Series continues.

Sandis has escaped Kazen’s grasp, but she finds herself unmoored, reeling from her thief friend Rone’s betrayal.

Kazen has been hurt but not stopped, and he’ll do anything to summon the monster that could lay waste to the entire world. Sandis knows she must be the one to stop him, but with her own trusted numen now bound to another, and finding herself with no one she can trust, she is in desperate need of allies. Rone seems determined to help her, but Sandis has no intention of letting him get close to her again. What she doesn’t know is how much Rone gave up to protect her. Or how much more he is willing to give up to keep her safe.

As chaos mounts, Sandis must determine whom to trust. After all, the lines between enemy and ally have never been less clear…and corruption lurks in the most unlikely of places. (Courtesy of

Adult Point of View

One of the best things about this book is that Sandis is angry at Rone! It is too easy for an author to have the characters forgive each other too quickly. Sandis is justifiably angry and she sustains her feelings even as Rone is trying to heal the breach in their relationship. I love it when Sandis tells him if he’d asked her to go back to Kazen, she would have, but he didn’t ask. He, of course, feels like the dirt on the bottom of a slimy slug.

I also loved how Holmberg sustains the urgency, and even increases it. This isn’t a middle novel that drags. It is full of new problems, surprises, and definitely some big twists. By the end, I think I know where she’s going with it, but I have to admit, I’m probably wrong. I’m looking forward to the next release.

The big question for me at the beginning of the series was “What are the beasts possessing their bodies?” Each of the beasts has a different strength and lives in a different dimension. In this installment, a little bit more is revealed – but you’ll have to read the book to find that out. I’ll just say, it is a twist I didn’t see coming, but it fits perfectly in the world.

I recommend this book for young adults over sixteen. I think it’s a little complex for younger children. (There is cursing, violence, murder, and nudity – but no sex.)

5 out of 5 stars

5 star

  • Michelle

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If you can’t find anything to read, send me a message, and I’ll help you find a book. The world is full of adventure, and we all deserve to live it.

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