The Mermaid’s Sister -Do You Love Fairytales? This One Hits the Mark!

The Mermaid’s Sister

By Carrie Anne Noble

Spoiler Alert!



There is no cure for being who you truly are…

In a cottage high atop Llanfair Mountain, sixteen-year-old Clara lives with her sister, Maren, and guardian, Auntie. By day, they gather herbs for Auntie’s healing potions; by night, Auntie spins tales of faraway lands and wicked fairies. Clara’s favorite story tells of three orphan infants—Clara, who was brought to Auntie by a stork; Maren, who arrived in a seashell; and their best friend, O’Neill, who was found beneath an apple tree.

One day, Clara discovers shimmering scales just beneath her sister’s skin: Maren is becoming a mermaid and must be taken to the sea or she will die. So Clara, O’Neill, and the mermaid-girl set out for the shore. But the trio encounters trouble around every bend. Ensnared by an evil troupe of traveling performers, Clara and O’Neill must find a way to save themselves and the ever-weakening Maren.

And always in the back of her mind, Clara wonders, if my sister is a mermaid, then what am I? (Courtesy of

Adult Point of View

I’m a sucker for this type of story. It’s not a retelling of an old fairytale. The story is new and fresh, but you’ll feel like it fits in with your other beloved favorites. It’s clever with twists and turns, has gorgeous writing, and is fun from the beginning.

The characters are delightful and each is unique. Clara and Maren are very different, and each prizes different things.

Maren is never confused about who she is and is confident in herself, but also, oblivious to her actions affecting her sister. She was found in the seashell and has always known she was a mermaid. Her personality fits every action she takes.

Clara is always questioning who she is, what will be her fate, trying to discover if she can change the world to work the way she wants, and finally finds comfort even if she isn’t entirely happy. Clara was brought by a stork. She fears what the future holds for her, but would sacrifice everything if it means saving her sister. Will she become a stork? What use is it to love others, if she is only meant to become a bird? (You’ll have to read it to know more about Clara.)

O’Neil rounds out the duo. He is charming, affectionate, and a little clueless. His special skills may help them, but Clara is the real hero. He even acknowledges that he needed Clara more than she needed him. O’Neil was found under an apple tree, quite an unusual circumstance, and he discovers his heritage, growing into a man.

This is a coming of age story for the three main characters, but especially for Clara the protagonist. The theme of discovering yourself is handled by a master storyteller, and I loved the journey.

I’ve picked up everything I could find by this author, slipping it on the top of my reading stack. I highly recommend this book! Go pick it up today.

5 out of 5 stars

5 star

  • Michelle

If you loved The Mermaid’s Sister, try The Fifth Doll by Charlie Holmberg, The Sisters of the Winter Wood by Rena Rossner, The Maid’s War by Jeff Fisher and The Raven Ring by Patricia C. Wrede.

If you can’t find anything to read, send me a message, and I’ll help you find a book. The world is full of adventure, and we all deserve to live it.

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