Do you ever wonder where the values of society have gone? I do. My daughter and I are writing this blog to review books that we have read. Some are books we loved and other are books we loathed. Regardless, we will give our full opinion and then it is up to you to decide if you agree with us.

I hope this will be a valuable resource for parents as they choose what kinds of books they want their children reading. I am always open to suggestions for review.

We think this will be a fun adventure.

-Michelle, also known as “the Mother”

Book Ratings Explained (in brief)

 pop culture books, not as interesting or developed of characters, I could have lived without ever having read these books.

worth reading, though not literature. Books with creative ideas and good characters and plot.

life changing ideas, plots that will stay with me forever, sometimes they will haunt me. My life will be enriched!

favorites for plot, characters and ideas. I don’t believe I could exist without reading because they are so amazing and defining.

ps- I will have other guest reviewers upon occasion.


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  1. Thanks for reading my Peru feature on Lesley Carter’s website today 🙂 I love your blog and look forward to reading your stories!

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